Friday, April 16, 2010

The Electric Mayhem Digital Grassroots Promo Campaign


We ask all of our current friends and fans to connect the way that we originally set Electric Mayhem off... by word of mouth. Please take the time occasionally to verbally or digitaly remind someone that they can get a fix for that dancing jones each and every Wednesday night right in the goodness of The Triple Crown.


Presented by The Word Association and The Triple Crown, Electric Mayhem is more than a DJ night... it is an educational, entertaining and emotional musical sensory overload. Top 40 is mostly avoided (unless integrated VERY creatively)... Classics of all genres and obscure/underground music is embraced.

After nearly a decade, Electric Mayhem stands as one of the longest running hip-hop weekly events in Texas. The current lineup consists of DJs Chief and sPYhOP, both influential members of the San Marcos creative scene.

Electric Mayhem began as a replacement night for the first .::liquidstereoproject appearance at Lucy's on the Square (San Marcos). What was a spur of the moment idea became a San Marcos phenomenon, running every Wednesday for nearly 8 years at Lucy's.

Lucy's moved on to become Bar 141, and Electric Mayhem moved on to The Triple Crown, where they continue to perform every Wednesday night.


1 - Spread the word about Electric Mayhem, Wednesdays at The Triple Crown.

2 - Send people to for the latest news, updates, music and video.

3 - Send Facebook users here so that they can spread the word.

Thank you for all of the past, current and future support!


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