Monday, November 8, 2010

Chief Music FREE!

I,Chief, have been working very hard on new music. There is a new project in the works : a double album of half newly composed material (It/ll Be Better Tomorrow)and half production with various vocal/instrumental/sample accompaniment (A Better Tomorrow).

Because there is new recorded material on the horizon, there is new material for the live shows. This does not, however, mean that older material is necessarily retired. In an effort to make live shows a bit more personal for those who choose to attend, I am providing free download access to my previous releases. Follow this link, and you can have ...less is NOW more and The Weather Underground, 100% cash free.

I ask one thing in payment... please lead people to both the site where my music is and this site, and we can all benefit.

Latest tracks by Chief SMTX

Thank you.

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